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The Sydney Skinny: Annual Nudie Swim Event 2014

The Sydney Skinny: Annual Nudie Swim Event

Words by Simon Edds.

Get your kit off, get wet, and do it all for a good cause! Join hundreds of other adventurous (and naked locals) for the world’s biggest nude swimming event, right here in Sydney Harbour. In its second year, Sydney Skinny, is back again and looks set on keeping this daring annual event, is raising money to construct a $1.5 million walkway around Middle Harbour National Park.

Founder of Sydney Skinny, Nigel Marsh, is passionate about building a positive and supportive event, where people will not only feel a little better about themselves, but also enjoy one of Sydney’s most idyllic and beautiful National Parks.

This liberating event is made even better with these six points:

  • Designated swim waves: so you can pick what time you swim, enjoy the festival area for longer and plan your day better.
  • Two swims to choose from: The Sydney Skinny (900m), or do a shortened version of the course called The Nudie Novice, which is a 300m swim. Check out the course here.
  • Organised National Parks & Wildlife activities: also some wonderful art installations.
  • Sydney Skinny Sarongs are back: ensuring everyone walks away with their own Sydney Skinny memento.
  • The Festival Area is open to everyone for free: so bring your supporters along and enjoy the festival area with them. If they decide to swim on the day, they’ll be able to purchase a ticket at the event for $40.
  • No pervy spectators: no swim wristband = no beach, at least until the final swim wave has finished.

Whether you’re a nudie veteran, who hasn’t had a tan line in years, or you’ve never tried skinny dipping before, everybody is welcome to join this swim, as long as you’re over 18 years old.

Tickets on sale now.

WHATSydney Skinny
WHERE: Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park
WHEN: Sunday, 23 February 2014
TIME: 08:00 – 15:00

The Sydney Skinny: Annual Nudie Swim Event

The Sydney Skinny: Annual Nudie Swim Event  |

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